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Food is falling from the sky, vegetables, Fruit and various sweets. You have to catch as much as you can before your time runs out, for every healthy food you eat you gain more time to catch more things. But look out for the bad food, it will take your time away, slow you down and eventually the consequences will be explosive!

 Scores are based on the real world calorific values of each food item. The values for fruit and vegetables are added to the player's score where values for sweets and cakes are taken off of the player's score.

 Time is also an issue, the player's initial time limit is 30 seconds, for each item of fruit or vegetable that is caught by the player one second is added to this time limit. But for every sweet item, a second is subtracted from the player's time! The initial start time can be increased by sharing your score on Facebook, for each share you make, you recieve an extra second of initial start time up to one whole minute!

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